How to clean your home using vinegar


I have a friend who’s no fan of vinegar, and I can’t for the love of God understand what puts her off so much about it. The last time I heard her talk about it was when her boyfriend’s mother came over and cleaned the house and used a bit of vinegar to disinfect this and that. When she stepped into the apartment, she felt nauseated by the smell.



I, on the other hand, couldn’t be happier with the prospect of using vinegar all over my home. I love it and add loads and loads of it to my salads. I would do the same to sauces and my general cooking if that’d be possible, but I hardly think that’s a good idea. I remember that I took a trip to the UK when I was younger and they had vinegar Walkers chips over there. They were divine!


I mostly use vinegar in my kitchen, but the sky’s the limit as to which surfaces you can clean with it. I clean my microwave, stained plastic containers, countertop, drain, and cutting boards with it, and I make sure to do the same with my refrigerator once in a while, particularly if there’s any nasty smell that has been bothering me.


The neat thing about vinegar is that it is capable of killing most bacteria that live in your home. That’s why I also utilize it in the bathroom. I make a diluted solution to scrub the tile and the toilet in my bathroom, and I use it in the shower, as well. In case you didn’t know, a combination of vinegar and baking soda does wonders when it comes to removing scale. The same goes for the showerhead, of course.



Every month or so, I use about one liter of white vinegar to get rid of the scale that has built up inside my kettle and my washing machine. Typically, I should use some sort of descaling solution or tablets for this, but I hardly see any point in spending money on such things when the answer to all of my questions rests in my pantry. The place where I scarcely use vinegar is the bedroom, but that’s because I don’t particularly like sleeping in an environment smelling like it. Other than that, I even clean the floors with this natural dirt remover.


Some of my buddies utilize it to disinfect their countertops on a regular basis, so if you mix part water with part vinegar, you can make your own disinfecting solution. If you have ever carved a chicken on your countertop, it’s very likely that there’s still bacteria lurking in those nooks and crannies. So, in a way, using vinegar to clean your home can help you keep your health on par.



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