Are robotic vacuum cleaners really efficient?


There is no doubt that technology has changed our life. Whether it is good or bad, is a topic for discussion. Personally, I am not very fond of robots. Vacuum cleaner is a must have device and today you can see a vacuum cleaner in every house. But, with the introduction of the robotic vacuum cleaner, what is the major change that has occurred in the cleaning process? How effective is a robotic vacuum cleaner? There are many questions unanswered and I am sure you are curious to find out the answers. So, let’s discuss more about a robotic vacuum cleaner.


For many, the introduction of the robotic vacuum cleaner has changed the world of cleaning. Due to the advanced technology and sleek design, people are ready to invest money on a vacuum cleaner. Robotic vacuum cleaner is intelligent and smart compared to the traditional vacuum cleaners. It vacuums your home without any input from you. Once it is done with cleaning, it will move to the docking station automatically. Some high end models even speak to you to inform that they are done with cleaning.

The best robotic vacuum cleaners work well when your surface is hard. It does a good job in cleaning carpets also. Especially if you have pet, it helps in removing pet hair from your carpets and floors. There are a number of sensors inside and underneath the robotic vacuum cleaner that allow your robotic vacuum cleaner to read about the environment and perform its function without any difficulty.

The main advantage of the robotic vacuum cleaner is that it is easy to use. You don’t have to spend hours on it. It will automatically clean your home and then sit somewhere without disturbing you. It is an intelligent system, works well and does an efficient job. Robotic vacuum cleaners are affordable, making it easy for a normal person to buy it and use it. And what’s more, you can even repair it without any difficulty.

But will it replace the traditional vacuum cleaner? Now that is a tough question to answer. It is a personal choice, if you have a small room, that does not include any staircase, and wooden floors then the robotic vacuum cleaner is a good option. It will keep your house neat and clean without you putting in any effort. But, if your house is big and you have many stairs and hard carpets, then robotic vacuum cleaner will struggle. Robotic vacuum cleaner cannot climb the stairs and clean it; also the robotic vacuum cleaner will find it difficult to clean hard carpets and struggle to clean corners.

So, replacing a traditional vacuum cleaner with a robotic vacuum cleaner is not a great idea if you have a big house with lots of furniture, corners, and carpets.

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