3 sites you can use to learn new things for free


I have a friend who says that, once you reach the age of 30 and aren’t accomplished, you aren’t able to do anything with your life anymore. I don’t agree with this statement. In fact, I disagree with it so much that I told her that you could do something new at any age, even at 70. I’m a bit of a hedonist myself, although not entirely. I like the way that I live now and the freedom I can take advantage of, and the coolest thing in my life is that I have a great job.

I used to do something else entirely, but I changed professions about five years ago. There’s no point in me giving you a lot of details in this respect. However, what I want to point out is that you can start to learn what you like today.

The amount of information available for free nowadays is truly baffling. With the exception of some resources such as Elsevier, there are thousands of websites that can tell you how you can complete a task you’ve meaning to take care of, or how you can start to learn a subject that you have no experience with whatsoever.

To cut things short, I am going to talk to you about three websites that have helped me in the past. Some you can use to perfect your business and communication skills, while others are great if you want to learn to code, for example. Keep in mind that there are also world-known websites such as those belonging to MIT and Stanford, where you can find great courses that are entirely complementary.

  1. Coursera

This site is absolutely fantastic. The only trouble with it is that you will not get a certification if you don’t pay for the course. While some courses cost just about fifty dollars, others can be as expensive as two hundred. However, there are many that are available for free, but you won’t be able to showcase the certification in your resume. Nonetheless, at least you can try them out before buying, just to know whether they are a good fit for you.

  1. FutureLearn

I came across this resource about three years ago. I was searching for something new, and I decided to enroll in a course about British culture. It was good enough, although I have to say that it didn’t sweep me off my feet. Nonetheless, the site has grown a lot in recent years, which is why I have to recommend it to you.

All of the courses are free, and the same certification rule applies in this case, as well. Unlike Coursera where just some of the classes are complimentary, on FutureLearn all of them are.

  1. Khan Academy

This is another cool website I’ve tried out in the past, although I wasn’t particularly impressed. The neat thing about it is that it also comes with an Android and iOS app that you can install on your mobile devices so that you have your courses ready for you whenever you have some time.


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